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In The News   Child's play to make net cash - Yahoo News March 22 00 09:20

Children as young as eight are snapping up internet website names and selling them for as much as 10,000. Playground entrepreneurs register catchy domain names for 39 and sell them to web developers.
"They are watching their parents making money out of the internet and they want to have a go.".....


In The News  Cyber bet makes for loads of dosh.com - The Times March 11 00 09:20

A GAMBLE on an Internet address has made a handsome return for a computer programmer who had never placed a bet in his life. Mark Dale, 26, bought the name www.bettingservice.com for 70 last year. This week he traded in his Metro for a Porsche 944 after selling the name for 25,000.....


In The News  Betting on Banks.com a great gamble - The BBC- 6th December 99 09:20

UK internet entrepreneurs are hoping to make a fortune by auctioning off the internet address www.banks.com. The domain name is up for grabs with a reserve price of 1m ($1.6m), but the owners of the web address clearly hope to make more. Last week, the name www.business.com was sold for a record $7.5m (4.68m).....


In The News  Drugs.com sells for $800,000 - The Independant- 9th August 99

A Web developer outbids the pharmaceutical giants and snaps up the domain name drugs.com for more than US$800,000.....


In The News  Need for New Domains is Urgent - Wired News Survey - August 99

The need for new domains is urgent. In April of last year a Wired News Survey found that of the 25,500 standard English Language dictionary words only 1,760 remain unregistered. The race for suitable domains is on-going.


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