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Click on the FAQ topic below for more information on Domain Registration and on the many features of this site

Domain Names What is a Domain Name?
Domain Names Why do I need one?
Registration What are the Rules?
Registration What names can I register?
Registration Where do I start?
Registration How long does it take?
Domain Names What can I do with one?
.CO.UK / .COM etc Which one should I choose
.COM Why so cheap?
Domain Parking What is this?
Web & E-Mail Forwarding What is this?
Details Can I change my details later?
Registered Names How do I know there mine?
Registered Names How long do I own them for?
Reliability How reliable is the service?
Netscape 3.0® Problems with Older Browsers
Security Issues Security with BranditNow®
Terms & Conditions What are the Terms & Conditions
Company Details Who is Branditnow®

  What is a Domain Name?

A domain name represents your "address" on the Internet. It is a phrase containing several components separated by a full stop ("dot").

It consists of two pieces of information:
   An IP address, such as
   A domain name in the Domain Name Service (DNS)

An IP address is similar to the co-ordinates on a map whilst the domain name is similar to a street address. Most people would find it much easier therefore to remember a street address(domain name) than to try and remember the co-ordinates(IP Address).

  Why Do I Need One?

Like any trade name, logo, or brand name, your domain name represents a part of your business identity - something customers and business contacts can recognise, remember, and associate with your services or products. Registering your domain name will at very least prevent someone else from using it. More important, however, is that with your own domain you have the opportunity to reach an audience world wide. If your not in business you may wish to register a name for your own personal website - or as a gift for another family member. A unique opportunity to buy something that once bought will be unavailable to anyone else. Alternatively you may wish to buy a domain for resale, a popular choice in today's e-environment. You only need to look at the stories on our News Page to see that the right name can sell for thousands.

  What are the rules?

The only characters allowed in a domain name are letters, digits (numerals) and the dash (-). A domain name however can not begin or end with a dash and should not have any blank spaces.

Correct examples:
Incorrect examples:
my name.co.uk

Domain Names are case insensitive, eg. lower or upper cases is ignored. They can be up to 67 Characters long (inc. the .com./.co.uk etc) - but remember somebody has to type that in to find you!

  What names can I register?

In the past, people were discouraged from registering more than one domain name. Now, however, domain authorities have bowed to the demands of Internet users and are willing to register as many domain names as you require. Indeed it is quite commonplace for people to register several different variants of a domain name e.g. number.co.uk/numbers.co.uk/thenumber.co.uk. Some people register many different domain names in the hope that some will be saleable - basically it is up to the individual to decide how many names to purchase.

  Where do I start?

We know that the issue of registering a domain can be daunting so we've made things simpler:

If this is your first time we have created a step-by-step ordering system to ensure that your first domain name registration is a straightforward process.

We believe that it's as simple as 1-2-3 and have tried to ensure that the site be designed with the customer in mind and would appreciate your comments as to whether or not we have succeeded.

  How long does it take?

Usually the registration process is a very quick one after we have received your request to register a name. Please remember however that domains are sold on a "first-come first-served" basis and although unlikely your domain name may still be taken at which point we would contact you and ask for an alternative name. Please Note that although your name may be registered it might take up to 24/48hrs to show up on a whois search as it is dependant on when the root name servers are updated by the registry.

  What can I do with one?

There are several things you can do with a domain name and it is best to have an idea before you register the domain what you want to do with it once its yours. I have detailed below the options that you will be presented with during the registration process:

  • PARK your domain for FREE with BrandItNow
  • Use your own webspace provided by YOUR ISP.
  • Allow us to redirect your Web & Mail

    Please note that these options are discussed in detail later in the FAQ

  •   Which one should I choose?

    There are a number of different types of domain names. This variety usually lies in the country designation of the name i.e. .fr, .it, .uk, and so on. In many cases these country designations are then further sub-divided so that they may show as .co.uk, .ltd.uk, .org.uk.
    Also there are domains such as .COM, .NET, or .ORG which originally specified the broad category of an organisation. Thus, domain names ending in .COM were intended for commercial, for-profit organisations, while names ending in .NET were for network infrastructure machines, and those ending in .ORG were used for miscellaneous, usually non-profit organisations. Today these connotations still exist, although there is no actual requirement to follow the categories. Anyone is free to register their name in either or all of the .COM, .NET, or .ORG Top-levels or for that matter any other. If you are intending to buy a name to speculate you may find that domains that end .COM have a higher commercial value than say one that ends .org.uk. Basically once again the choice is yours - you are free to register any name in any country.

    Please note: It may be illegal in some countries to infringe on a Companies Registered Trademark/Name

      Why so cheap?

    Since de-regulation of InterNIC many new companies have entered the Domain registration market - usually offering registration at a lower cost than the original company - Network Solutions which ran InterNIC. This allows us to offer .Com .Org .Net at a vastly reduced price than what was previously available. By designing the site to be as automated as possible further ensures that our overheads are kept low and allows the savings to be passed to the customer.

      What is Domain Parking?

    You may not be ready to use your domain right away - or maybe you have just bought the name to sell on and do not intend to use it. Either way we will park your domain on our servers completely FREE until you are ready to use that name - we will display this page.
    At the time of registration you will have three choices:
  • PARK The Domain with BrandItNow®
  • Use your own DNS number & name provided by your host(ISP)
  • Or use BrandItNow® for Web & Mail forwarding.
  •   What is Web & Email Forwarding?

    When email is sent to you at for instance: you@yournewdomain.co.uk it is forwarded to say you@freeserve.co.uk Basically all email is forwarded to the standard ISP email account of your choice.

    The web forwarding works in exactly the same way - when somebody types www.yournewdomain.co.uk there forwarded directly to the webspace provided by your ISP

    We currently Charge £9.99 ANNUALLY for this service.

      Can I change my details?

    If you want to modify your forwarding details, or change your domain name servers or move your domain name then you can use our
    On-line, Simple to use Control Panel click MODIFY.

    Using our web based Control Panel allows you to modify the following:

  • Web & Mail forwarding Details
  • Upgrade from a Parked Domain to Web & Mail Forwarding
  • Change your contact details
  • Change your DNS settings
  •   How do I know their mine?

    Please allow up to 24hrs for the the root name servers to be updated by the registry then you can check your domain by clicking here and then entering in your newly purchased domain name.

      How long do I own the names for?

    Your initial payment covers you for two years - after which time you will be contacted again. You may wish at this time to renew your registration or not the choice is yours! As long as you renew the registration they could be yours forever.

      How reliable is this service?

    Branditnow's services are built around proven & reliable systems - we utilise a highly resilient 100Mbps internal network, with high capacity internet connectivity backed up by Concentric Network, a global leader in internet communications.

    The servers used are based at REDBUS INTERHOUSE in the heart of London, giving us round the clock monitoring by experienced technical personnel, a high level of security and redundant networking and power supplies to maximise the uptime of the servers. All this is designed to ensure that the services we provide are as reliable as possible.

      Netscape 3.0®

    Netscape 3.0 has some currently known issues regarding the compatability of our Site with it.

    Upgrade my browser to the latest Netscape® version.
    Upgrade my browser to the latest Internet Explorer® version.

    You may also find problems with the correct display of our homepage - this is due to the Java Script® that we use which is sometimes not compatible with older browsers. You may find that a browser upgrade is advantageous.


    We are bound by the Data Protection Act and all information supplied is kept securely & completely confidential. We will NEVER Sell or pass on your details to any third party. Please note that some of the information that you supply when registering a domain name will be recorded and used by the Registry - this is mandatory.

    We take security very seriously and have ensured that Credit Card information supplied is handled very carefully. We use the services of WorldPay for all payments to Branditnow - WorldPay use Thawte 2048 bit encryption systems with 128 Bit SSL at the browser end. Please CLICK HERE for further technical information regarding the security employed by WorldPay.


    BrandItNow® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Online Merchants Ltd.
    Should you wish to contact us you may do so by the methods listed below.

    To underline the importance we place on Customer Support we have intergrated a sophisticated Web Based Support System. This allows you the ability to track your Support Request & then recieve a fast comprehensive response from our support team. It allows us the ability to provide a higher level of service whilst at the same time keeping our overheads down and thus pass the savings to you - the customer.

    We would therefore ask that you use our WebSupport System which is our Prefered Method of contact and to which you will probably receive faster response.

  • For Support CONTACT ADMIN
  • For Account Queries CONTACT ACCOUNTS
  • Postal Address:
      Online Merchants Ltd
      Metro House,
      Pepper Road.
      Leeds LS10 2RU

  • Telephone: (01274) 690158 (Answering Service)

  •   Our Terms & Conditions

    Our complete Terms & Conditions can be found by clicking HERE


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